Ooze Piper...




The Piper is a brand new hybrid product that combines a typical hand pipe and a chillum. The body is fully silicone, making it extremely durable and ideal for using on the go with your favorite CBD and hemp flower. Attach the lanyard to the small loop for a hands-free experience.

The Piper is a small hand pipe when fully assembled. A screened glass bowl sits comfortably in an angled silicone insert that allows you to light the bowl from above. Remove this endpiece to transform the Piper into a chillum; a smaller glass bowl is lit from the end. Disassemble the entire piece for incredibly easy cleaning.

The Piper comes in a package with a full front window so your customers will know exactly what they’ll receive with their purchase. Hang all 4 color options of the Piper along your display wall for maximum impact.


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